Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brined Pork Chop

So, I have to admit...I have a new culinary crush. I'm totally head over foodie heels in love with Anne Burrell and her new show Secrets of a Restaurant Chef. I love the fact that she actually cooks and though her secret ingredient seems to be fist fulls of salt...she's got some seriously good tips. I saw her show on pork chops and was very much inspired. Sooo...when I went down to the farmers market..the girls from Chestnut farms had some pork chops!!!! Organic piggies...I mean..how can you beat that? Now...Anne had a recipe for a 3 day brine for the pork chops. I had never brined anything before but I was so game with this beautiful meat. Salt/Sugar/Bay leaf/Garlic/Onion/Celery/Chili powder...into the brine it all went!

Three days later I took out the pork chop and toweled them off. Now...it's been raining like you wouldn't believe around here so I was hesitant to use my Big Green Egg. Sooo..I fired up the gas grill and decided to give it a whirl. As the grill heated up...I decided to grill some fruit that I got at the farmers market which included white nectarines and Saturn peaches.
Seriously...how good do those look? Onto a super hot grill the pork chops went. After 3 minutes I turned the chops 45 degrees to get a nice crosshatch pattern. I flipped after a total of 7 minutes and repeated the process. As the pork chops cooked I caramelized some shallots I got at the Farmers market. Once the chops reached the proper temperature I took them off and put the fruit on.

Seriously...back in the day my Mom used to make pork chops, generally with some stuffing on top and I wasn't a fan at all. The brining for the chops made them SOOO flavorful and juicy I couldn't believe it. The fruit came out great as well along with the shallots and it was a wonderful meal. Overall, I really can't wait to make some more pork chops..and brining will very much be on the docket:


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