Sunday, June 15, 2008

Local Saturday

So, when it's a nice Saturday in our beautiful town Stephanie and I will walk downtown to our common green and go to the farmers market. To date there hasn't been much in the way of produce but we still keep goin' so that we can see what is there. This Saturday Steph saw a sign for a yard sale so we decided to stop by and found:

Some old skool muffin tins for 50 cents (which we didn't buy but I dug). Steph found a steamer for 25 cents which we did buy!
Assorted pots and pans...vintage family stuff. As we aren't going to need for cheap pots/pans. The question of the day had to come from Steph when I pointed out a pressure cooker when she asked if I wanted to buy it and I replied "Sure I wouldn't mind a pressure cooker...just not the first 80 year old version of it!!"
My favorite item which we didn't buy was a full skeleton of some unidentified animal. I was thinking about asking...but I really didn't want to know ;) Moving on we went to the market where we stopped at the booth for Chestnut Farms. We try to support local industry as much as possible and I would implore you to take a look at the organic and humane ways the different meats are raised and processed. We picked up a pound of ground meat and a package of all beef hot dogs.
We then headed over to see Debbie of "Sweet Marissa's Bakery"
Now Debbie is engaged to a guy named Virgilio. One of my oldest and best friends is Dee, whom I cooked pasta with her Mom a while ago. Virg is Dee's brother and given how I feel a part of the family we always stop by and say hello. Regardless of the family connection, Debbie makes some great baked goods:
I had put in a personal request a couple weeks ago for the chocolate Pizzelle's and Debbie came through with flying colors. I'll just say this...we bought two packages of these cookays on Sat. morning and as of Sunday night there are no more. I also will point out that Steph isn't eating sweets right may discuss that amongst yourselves. For dinner that night...Steph put together an incredible salad of tomatoes/mozzarella/basil.
Yeah...we live on the edge eating tomatoes. I got the BGE (Big Green Egg) up to temperature and grilled up some Onions which I had seasoned with a bit of salt/pepper/cumin/ginger.
I prepped the ground beef by chopping up a little bit of onion, dicing some garlic and seasoning with chili pepper, cumin and cinnamon. I had originally put them on skewers but they fell off when cooked on the grill. This led, by my hand admittedly to some drier meat kebabs than what I wanted. I looked it up online and the meat that Chestnut Farm sells is 95% fat free! Not bad...but also needs care when cooking. What came out was a very healthy, mostly locally grown dinner...not bad for some Saturday grilling, eh?

*********My favorite band of 2008 hands down!************

Vampire Weekend - M79


Peabody said...

An unidednitfied skeleton. Nice. Though my uncle bought a stuffed albino squirrel at a garage's name is Chipper. My aunt hates it.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Can't believe you passed up that muffin tin -- it's just the kind of thing I always hope to find at yard sales, even though I seldom bake! Our local farmers market opened this past weekend, and I was able to make our first-of-the-year dinner entirely from the market finds, too. Very satisfying.

Moon said...

You could have made muffins in the egg! Should have bought the tin.

Jim said...

You should have bought the skeleton and made stock with it.

Also, if you haven’t tried Cocopelli chocolate, you should.

Anonymous said...

I think meat kabobs are tricky- I see them in ethnic cookbooks and I often wonder how they stick.

The salad looks wonderful! I too, lived on the edge by putting grape tomatoes in my pasta salad, but I am still here to write about it.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Aw, why didn't you buy the muffin tin for 5O cents?

Annie K. Nodes said...

I had to stop eating sweets when I was preggers. It wasn't that bad, but man, as soon as that baby came out I was spooning up the ice cream!

Mandy said...

That tomato salad sure looks delish!